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We handle your project supervision

Finding the right supervisors for a new project is often a challenging and time-critical discipline. You don’t always have the right talent pool available and your FTE and budget might hinder a full-time hire. If the project is also overseas, then Global Compliance becomes another demanding task.

At Plant Supervision our mission is to solve these challenges and alleviate any workforce barriers. Our Project Managers are responsible for pairing your project with the right supervisors and remains as the sole contact for all HR related areas. Along with our back office, we have extensive knowledge about global compliance and take on all responsibilities regarding Visa, wages, work permit and any other administrative arrangements.

All you need to do is describe your project, and we will take care of the rest.

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About us

Global and experienced supervisors

Once on site, our supervisors represent you and work in your name. They will ensure that the construction project is being completed in compliance with safety, regulations, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Our workforce are located around the world and consists exclusively of highly skilled supervisors with experience from other projects. This ensures, that we are able to oversee all aspects of a construction project from pre-construction planning to completion and review. This includes inspecting work on-site, verifying materials and their quality, monitoring compliance with safety standards, approving change orders as needed, coordinating with contractors and subcontractors and supervising staff working onsite or remotely.

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Types of supervision

Our supervisors are split into mechanical-, electrical- or HSE supervisors. Therefore, we can oversee the entire supervision of the project, if needed.

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Mechanical supervision

Our mechanical supervisors deliver a wide range of skills and competencies which make us a valuable partner.

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Electrical & Automation Supervision

Our supervisors take charge and also motivate electricians to increase their productivity and meet work goals.

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At Plant Supervision our mission is to assist you in reaching your project goals, by alleviating any workforce barriers. Contact us today, to discuss your project and how we can help.

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