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We handle your project supervision

Finding the right supervisors for a new project is often a challenging and time-critical discipline. You don’t always have the right talent pool available and your FTE and budget might hinder a full-time hire. If the project is also overseas, then Global Compliance becomes another demanding task.

At Plant Supervision our mission is to solve these challenges and alleviate any workforce barriers. Our Project Managers are responsible for pairing your project with the right supervisors and remains as the sole contact for all HR related areas. Along with our back office, we have extensive knowledge about global compliance and take on all responsibilities regarding Visa, payroll, work permit and any other administrative arrangements.

We assist projects with our experienced:

Case - simultaneuos supervision in two countries

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We handle all administrative and global compliance tasks such as:






We assist our clients in achieving their project goals on time and within budget, by supplying them with specialized personnel

Global and experienced supervisors

Henrik - Supervisor at Plant Supervision

Whether you need a single expert or an entire team, we tailor our solution to fit your exact needs.

As a part of a team, you will also have the possibility of attaching one of our experienced supervisors, to oversee all management tasks, such as approving change orders as needed and coordinating with contractors and sub-contractors.

During the project we can dynamically alter the initial solution in regards to unforeseen events, such as project delays or extensions. Moreover, we can promptly expand or reduce the assembled team, making sure we’re always aligned with your requirements.

Henrik Overgaard, Supervisor
Henrik - Supervisor at Plant Supervision

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We handle all administrative tasks

Fie, Project Coordinator for Plant Supervision
Fie - Project Coordinator at Plant Supervision

Once we’ve identified the right team for your project, our experienced Project Coordinators handles all administrative tasks through compliant and cost-effective solutions, that adheres to the legislations of any given country.

We manage everything from contracts and payroll to work permits and insurance, enabling you to focus solely on your core business.

Fie - Project Coordinator at Plant Supervision