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Norge: Commissioning of nitrogen and oxygen generators primary for the salmon industry. 

Chile: Service and maintenance of nitrogen and oxygen generators.  

Denmark: Quality lead on the Baltic Pipe project. 

Sweden & USA: Optimization of automated warehouse and packing center with electrical supervision.  

Kuwait: Commissioning of wastewater treatment plant for produced water from oil and gas extraction. 


Audits: Plant Supervision completed detailed independent mechanical and process pyro line audits in Sweden, Brazil, Indonesia, Poland and India. 

The above contains just some samples of our larger projects. Other than those we have been involved in several assignments with process- and mechanical troubleshooting and repairs. This can be change of kiln shell, hot or cold alignment of the kiln, crack repairs in the mill, change of bearings, rollers, machining of liverings etc. Basically, all mechanical-, process- or electrical jobs that take place in a cement plant.


If you have a project in an industry, which we do not already have in our portfolio, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a setup that suits your company and project’s need. 


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