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Workforce challenges in the marine industry

The marine sector has always been a crucial part of the global trade and transportation but as a lot of other industries, the sector faces challenges in regards to efficiency and sustainability.

A lot of advancements have already been done in areas such as cleaner technologies like advanced emission control systems, but the marine industry is still in a transformative state with a complex regulatory environment, increasing demands for sustainability and an aging infrastructure.

As the sector becomes more complex with advancements in technology and increasingly complex regulations, the companies in the sector are struggling to fill the roles of supervisors, engineers, site managers etc. Moreover, the ability to deport the right personnel to projects around the world has become increasingly challenging, due to the new compliance demands.

Working with Plant Supervision, you can expect:

Supervisor on board a cargo ship

Experienced personnel for your project

Supervisor on board a cargo ship

At Plant Supervision we employ a large workforce with experience from the marine industry and updated knowledge on technology and HSE demands. Our personnel are located around the world and our back-office in Denmark handles all tasks in regards to compliance and admininstrative tasks such as transportation and housing.

This ensures that you will receive the right personnel in full compliance that fits your demands for the agreed duration.

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Plant Supervision assists projects in the marine industry, through compliant workforce solutions.



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Meeting at Plant Supervision

Leave HR and compliance issues to us

Meeting at Plant Supervision

At our HQ in Aalborg, Denmark, our experienced back-office handles all admininstrative and compliance tasks. Moreover, we will act as the primary HR contact for our deported personnel. If your project experiences unforeseen changes such as delays, we are able to adapt our initial solution, such as extending our personnels stay on your project.

Choosing Plant Supervision as your workforce provider or global mobility partner means access to a experienced team, ready to alleviate you of your labour barriers and assist you in reaching your project goals.

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At Plant Supervision our mission is to assist you in reaching your project goals, by alleviating any workforce barriers. Contact us today, to discuss your project and how we can help.

Jacob, Project Manager at Plant Supervision