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Food & Pharma

Since we started Plant Supervision in 2011, we have been working in the food and pharma industries. We have been involved in numerous projects in various industries, including the dairy-, beverage- and pharma industry. 


We have been involved in both long and shorts projects, for some clients we have had site supervisions for a 3 yearlong project and for others we have managed service jobs for the duration of 3-5 weeks. 

We have a wide range of knowhow and are willing to go an extra mile to assist our clients in the best possible way. 


Our supervisors and engineers are always:    

  • Working hands-on and following up their tasks with detailed reports  
  • Fully compliant   
  • Following the clients’ rules and regulations   
  • Serviceminded and flexible  
  • Following the clients’ code of conduct  

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