Logistics Systems

Plant Supervision has assisted the rapid growth in the logistics system industry, by providing experienced and specialized personnel that can support the overall project succes of modern logistics systems. Our workforce consists of well-travelled Welders, Electricians, Fitters, Supervisors, Commissioning Engineers and Site Managers, ready to be deployed to your project.

New Demands in Modern Logistics

The logistics system industry has experienced an array of new developments that are largely driven by technological advancements such as AI, automation and enhanced analytics.

This has helped improve efficiency, reduce costs and meet the rising demands of customized solutions for the end-client. However, the evolution has also led to increased demands for specialized personnel that can leverage the new technologies and adapt to the tailor-made systems.

Identifying and retaining talent is a rising challenge for the OEM companies of the industry, which can result in project delays, increased costs and an overall competitive disadvantage.

As new projects keep unfolding around the world, the challenge of not only identifying the right personnel but also navigating the complex global compliance tasks only amplifies the obstacles that companies face.

Working with Plant Supervision, you can expect:

Worker in warehouse

From Installation to Hand-over: Comprehensive Assistance for Your Project

Worker in warehouse

Our workforce consists of experts with experience from different projects around the world, with a strong focus on adhering to the stringent HSE requirements unique to each geographic locale and project. We can assist you in all phases of your project, such as site management, installation, testing, commissioning and hand-over.

Our sales team are all seasoned engineers with years of experience from small- and large scale projects around the world. This hands-on experience equips us with the right tools to understand your project intricacies, and craft the solutions by identifying the right personnel for your needs.

Our services

Plant Supervision assists projects in the logistics system industry, through compliant workforce solutions.



Site Management


Global Mobility

We handle compliance and administrative tasks

At Plant Supervision, our experienced back-office ensures that all administrative and compliance matters are meticulously handled. This includes VISA procurement, salary administration, travel and accommodations which enables you to focus solely on your core business.

Throughout the project we will also remain as the primary contact for our personnel in regards to all HR matters.

Adaptable Solutions for Your Project

Our adaptability is one of the things that sets us apart. We understand that new logistics systems can be a complex endeavour, where different challenges such as data migration, compatibility issues and material shortage may arise during a project.

With Plant Supervision we can dynamically tailor our solution in regards to necessary extensions or reductions of our employees’ stay, ensuring that we are always aligned with your requirements.

Do you need assistance with a project?

Kasper Munkholm, Head of Sales for Plant Supervision
We help you:

At Plant Supervision our mission is to assist you in reaching your project goals, by alleviating any workforce barriers. Contact us today, to discuss your project and how we can help.

Kasper Munkholm, Head of Sales for Plant Supervision