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We handle your commissioning phase

Commissioning can be one of the most challenging phases when it comes to finding the right expertise for the job. An influx of new projects, delays on existing projects, and other factors may have your commissioning division tied up in other projects.

The need for outside hires becomes imminent, which also brings multiple challenges that threaten to delay the deadline for delivery. It can be challenging to find a candidate with the right knowledge, and your FTE and project pipeline may hinder a full-time hire.

If the project is based in another country, then global compliance becomes another critical factor, as well as the need to keep the commissioning engineers on-site for longer durations.

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Global and experienced commissioning engineers

At Plant Supervision, we have a specialized and well-travelled commissioning workforce, with expertise from multiple industries ready to be deployed to your project.

They have experience ensuring that all systems and components of the project are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to your or your final client's operational requirements.
Our engineers have extensive experience from projects around the world and are highly adaptable regarding both project delays and cultural diversities.

If needed, they are able to remain on-site for longer durations. This means fewer handovers between engineers which minimizes the risk of potential errors. Our engineers will represent your company on site and wear your name on their backs.

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We handle all administrative tasks

Once the appropriate engineer has been identified, we take care of all administrative tasks, including payroll, VISA processing, travel arrangements and accommodation etc. Additionally, we will continue to serve as the primary HR contact for the engineer throughout the project.

All administrative tasks will be handled through compliant and cost-effective solutions that adheres to the legislations of any given country.

Are you struggling to find the right expertise for your commissioning phase?

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