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Plant Supervision has huge experience with working in the cement and mining industry and can deliver supervisors with a wide range of skills and competencies which make us a valuable partner.  

We have great experience in working with all different areas of cement:  

  • Cement crusher  
  • Storage  
  • Transport  
  • Cement material handling  
  • Cement raw mill  
  • Cement preheater  
  • Cement kiln  
  • Cement cooler  
  • Cement horizontal mill  
  • Cement vertical mill  
  • Cement silo  
  • Cement packing plant   

Do not hesitate to contact Plant Supervision when you want the best and most professional guidance of supervision in the cement industry. 


Our supervisors and engineers are always:    

  • Working hands-on and following up their tasks with detailed reports  
  • Fully compliant   
  • Following the clients’ rules and regulations   
  • Serviceminded and flexible  
  • Following the clients’ code of conduct  

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