Plant Supervision is a trusted partner to mining companies around the world. We deploy experienced supervisors and commissioning engineers for big and small mining projects and handle all HR and compliance tasks.

Workforce challenges in the cement industry

Climate change, urbanization and globalization are the current challenges of the cement industry. Cement production, when steered towards more sustainable operations can be part of the solution, if we are able to continue the technological advancements.

The industry has already undergone a huge technological shift towards more automated procedures with advancements in manufacturing. But the technology has also brought on a degree of complacency with a mistaken belief that technology can fully mitigate the lack of skilled labor. The industry has struggled to acquire new talent do to factors such as an aging workforce and job losses from mergers and acquisitions.

Moreover, a lot of companies such as OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) also struggle to identify talent willing to travel to foreign destinations to oversee the installations. If a company does have the right personnel ready for departure, the challenge of staying compliant in an increasingly complex world becomes another challenge.

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Plant Supervision assists projects in the mining industry, through compliant workforce solutions.



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Pyrosystem at cement plant

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Pyrosystem at cement plant

Plant Supervision employs a large workforce of supervisors, engineers, site managers and technicians ready to be deployed to new projects around the world. They are up to date on the current advancements of the cement industry and possess the critical thinking and adaptability that is otherwise lacking due to the increasing automation in the sector.

Each member of our sales team comes from an engineering background, with extensive experience on production and construction sites across the world. The experience gives them unique insight into the possible challenges in the industry, allowing them to identify the right candidate(s) for your project.

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Our skilled back-office manages all HR and compliance tasks such as the procurement of VISAS, salaries, travel and accommodations. This means that whether you need to utilize our workforce or need assistance with deploying your own personnel, we can be an active partner for you. We take great pride in our agility and our capacity to tailor our services to your’ specific needs at every project stage.

Choosing Plant Supervision as your workforce provider or global mobility partner means access to a experienced team, ready to alleviate you of your labour barriers and assist you in reaching your project goals.

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At Plant Supervision our mission is to assist you in reaching your project goals, by alleviating any workforce barriers. Contact us today, to discuss your project and how we can help.

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