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Plant Supervision assists the equipment manufacturers of the power plant industry with global mobility and workforce solutions. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs, enabling you to reach your project goals.

Workforce challenges in the power plant industry

Technological advancements towards more sustainable operations have created recruitment challenges for manufacturers of the power plant industry. The transition from more labor-intensive methods, such as coal plants, to more automated and technical power plants marks a shift towards a workforce with stronger technical skills.

Moreover, the mobility requirements of employees needed for installation and maintenance projects around the world, makes it even more difficult to attract and retain supervisors, engineers, technicians etc.

OEMs of the sector also face the challenge of staying compliant in an increasingly complex world. Deploying your own personnel to projects around the world without proper knowledge of compliance rules can result in project delays and even penalties for breaching legislations.

Working with Plant Supervision, you can expect:

Experienced personnel for your project

If you’re facing challenges in finding the right team for your next project or require support in mobilizing your own workforce, Plant Supervision is ready to assist.

Our workforce consists of well-travelled supervisors, engineers, site managers and technicians with the experience and technical skills for modern power plant equipment.

Additionally, our project coordinators and legal department handle all aspects of global mobility for both our staff and yours. This ensures 100% compliance anywhere in the world.

Our services

Plant Supervision assists projects in the power plant industry, through compliant workforce solutions.



Site Management


Meeting at Plant Supervision HQ

We handle compliance and administration

A meeting at Plant Supervision HQ

We have deployed personnel across the heavy and technical industries since 2011. Our strong back-office in Aalborg, Denmark not only handles all global mobility responsibilities but also administrative tasks such as salary, insurance, travel and accommodations.

Choosing Plant Supervision as your workforce provider or global mobility partner means access to a experienced team, ready to alleviate you of your labour barriers and assist you in reaching your project goals.

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We help you:

At Plant Supervision our mission is to assist you in reaching your project goals, by alleviating any workforce barriers. Contact us today, to discuss your project and how we can help.

Kasper Head of Projects at Plant Supervision