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Plant Supervision is a trusted partner to mining companies around the world.

We deploy experienced supervisors and commissioning engineers for big and small mining projects and handle all HR and compliance tasks.

Working with Plant Supervision, you can expect:
- Specialized and experienced personnel that fits your project needs
- Global Compliance and adherence to national legislation
- Compliance on all HSE matters
- Flexibility in complex projects
- Service minded and hands-on approach.
- Detailed reporting in accordance with your guidelines

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The mining industry is changing.

The mining industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with ressource depletion, growing demands for critical minerals and safe and sustainable operations.

As a result, the installation of new mining facilities and upgrading of existing productions requires the right specialists for critical phases like supervision and commissioning.

Supervisor on mining site

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Workforce challenges: Finding the right specialists

More than ever, the engineers and supervisors need to be HSEQ-focused and data-driven, with the right technological skills that supports the new reality of mining.

You might not have the right specialists in your own workforce, or they can be tied up in other projects. This can bring demands for new employment, but factors such as your FTE and budget might hinder a full-time hire.

If the project is also overseas, then Global Compliance becomes another demanding and time consuming task.

Our services

Plant Supervision & Services supports international mining projects, through compliant workforce solutions.

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From Start to Finish, We've Got Your Mining Project Covered

Plant Supervision employs a skilled and well-travelled workforce consisting of supervisors and commissioning engineers with years of experience from the mining industry, ready to be deployed to your site.

Our personnel is located around the world and are adaptable to various project environments. They are up to date on the mining industry of today and are passionate about delivering a high-quality service, that assists your project through to completion.

Supervisor with tablet at mining site

Identifying the right candidates for your project.

We know that mining projects can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of mineral being extracted, the location of the deposit, the regulatory environment, and the available technology and equipment. Therefore, it is imperative that we are able to identify the right candidates for your specific project.

Our sales team all have a background as engineers on various production and construction sites worldwide. They have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that mining projects can present, which enables them to identify the right candidate(s) with a proven track record of success in projects similar to yours.

Learn more about who we are and how we can help your business thrive with our industry expertise.

About us

Leave all HR and compliance issues to us

We have a knowledgeable and competent back-office who, together with our client project managers, handle all HR and compliant matters, such as VISA, salary, travel and accommodations.

Throughout the project we will remain an active partner and primary contact for our supervisor or engineer, which gives us the ability to be flexible in regards to various changes or delays that might occur.

We pride ourselves on our ability to remain agile and adjust to our clients' needs before, during, and after a project.
With Plant Supervision as your workforce provider, we will ensure a seamless and hassle-free project and access to a skilled workforce that delivers results.

Do you need assistance with a project?

We help you:

  • Deliver the right workforce
  • Reduce the complexity of your project
  • Minimize your risks
  • Meet your deadlines

At Plant Supervision our mission is to assist you in reaching your project goals, by alleviating any workforce barriers. Contact us today, to discuss your project and how we can help.

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