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We assist with tasks such as:

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Competent site managers, every time.

The modern site manager must have management talents, an analytical mind and excellent planning skills. Moreover, the digital technology has further evolved the role of site manager to include ERP and CMMS software, as core aspects of the job.

It is a rare combination of skills that makes it difficult to identify the right site manager for your project. If the project is also overseas it narrows the field of candidates even more and increases the demand for global compliance.

At Plant Supervision we have the right Site Managers and the back-office to handle all HR and compliance tasks.

We assist with tasks such as:

See real-world examples of how we've helped our clients:

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We handle all administrative and global compliance tasks such as:






Global and experienced site managers

Two site Managers from Plant Supervision walking between solar panels
Our Site Managers will represent you on site

At Plant Supervision, we have a specialized and well-travelled commissioning workforce, with expertise from multiple industries ready to be deployed to your project.

They have experience ensuring that all systems and components of the project are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to your or your final client’s operational requirements.
Our engineers have extensive experience from projects around the world and are highly adaptable regarding both project delays and cultural diversities.

If needed, they are able to remain on-site for longer durations. This means fewer handovers between engineers which minimizes the risk of potential errors. Our engineers will represent your company on site and wear your name on their backs.

Our Site Managers will represent you on site

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Compliance- and administrative tasks handled

Back office

Our comprehensive service ensures that we will tailor our solution to fit your uniqe needs. Once we’ve identified the right site manager for your project, we take care of all the necessary administrative tasks, including VISA processing, travel arrangements, and accommodation.

Our team ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines, providing you with cost-effective and compliant solutions.

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