Highlighted Projects 2024

Country: Bangladesh
About: Mechanical supervision for vertical cement mill.

Country: Cuba
About: Mechanical supervision.

Country: Cyprus
About: Installation of vertical and horizontal cement mills.

Country: Denmark
About: Mechanical supervision and construction management of a greenfield clay calcination plant, including a flash calciner.

Country: Finland
About: Mechanical Audit for cooler.

Country: France
About: Electrical supervision of a greenfield cement plant.

Country: Ghana
About: Mechanical supervision of a brownfield clay calcination plant.

Country: Kazakhstan
About: Mechanical installation of mining equipment.

Country: Laos
About: Replacement of new burner.

Country: Morocco
About: Installation of a new raw mill.

Country: Pakistan
About: Mechanical supervision for vertical cement mill.

Country: Romania
About: Troubleshooting and repair of a cement mill.

Country: Thailand 
About: Replacement of kiln shell.

Country: United Kingdom
About: Installation of a new vertical cement mill.

Country: United Kingdom
About: Machining and grinding of rollers, bearings, etc., for a cement kiln.

Country: USA
About: Installation of vertical and horizontal cement mills.

Country: USA 
About: Installation of a complete new pyro line for lime.

Country: USA
About: Installation of new transport loading and belt conveyor equipment.

Country: USA
About: Mechanical audit for stacker and reclaimer.

Country: USA
About: Erection of new concrete mixer.

Highlighted Projects 2023

Country: Algeria
About: Mechanical troubleshooting on cement kiln.

Country: Brazil
About: Process troubleshooting for existing cement plant and startup of new burner system. 

Country: Colombia
About: Mechanical installation of vertical grinding mill.

Country: Cuba
About: Mechanical supervision on greenfield cement plant.

Country: Denmark
About: Electrical commissioning and startup of new pyro line, including preheater, kiln, and cooler.

Country: Egypt
About: Providing mechanical supervision for the pre-heater, kiln, and cooler in a brownfield cement plant, along with a two-year maintenance contract for the existing plant.

Country: France
About: Civil installation for concrete silo.

Country: France
About: Electrical consultancy for greenfield cement plant.

Country: France
About: Head of civil and steel structure design including review of OEM design at new greenfield cement plant 

Country: Germany
About: Technical consultancy.

Country: Germany
About: Master burner, two-month consultancy for optimization of pyro line.

Country: Ghana
About: Installation of clay calciner

Country: Ireland
About: Troubleshooting of vertical cement mill

Country: Israel
About: six-month mechanical maintenance contract for a ship loader.

Country: Liberia
About: Installation of vertical grinding mill

Country: Morocco
About: Mechanical installation of vertical grinding mill

Country: Namibia
About: Managing processes with a dedicated specialist for optimization, providing on-site and classroom training to plant personnel in process and chemistry, covering a 4000t/day dry process line from crusher to cement mills.

Country: Nigeria
About: Supervision of cement grinding mill

Country: Norway
About: Installation of ESP filter (electrostatic precipitator) and bag filter

Country: Pakistan
About: Mechanical installation and commissioning of new ball mill

Country: Slovenia
About: Supervision and grinding of kiln tyre

Country: Spain
About: Troubleshooting on various hydraulic equipment and gearboxes

Country: Ukraine
About: Supervision and grinding of kiln tyre

Country: United Arab Emirates
About: Mechanical supervision for new packing plant.

Country: United Arab Emirates
About: Mechanical installation of ship loader and crusher.

Country: USA
About: Technical process optimization of cement and grinding mill.

Country: Uzbekistan
About: Installation of new cement mill

Highlighted Projects 2022

Country: Azerbaijan
About: Mechanical supervision, civil Supervision and QA/QC inspection of new cement plant equipment. 

Country: India
About: Management and supervision with mechanical-, electrical-, automation- and process supervisors on various plants during erection.

Country: Latvia
About: Re-commissioning after upgrade of 2500 TPD plant

Country: Malaysia
About: Construction supervision (mechanical and electrical) and commissioning of a 5000 TPD Greenfield plant. 

Country: Saudi Arabia
About: Supervision with mechanical, electrical and process supervisors for a completely new cement plant.

Country: Turkey
About: Site-management, construction supervision (mechanical, electrical, and civil) and commissioning of a 4500 TPD Greenfield plant.

Country: Vietnam
About: One year start up contract of new green field plant. Plant Supervision delivered a management and a complete process team.  

Highlighted Projects 2021

Country: Australia
 Mechanical installation and commissioning of roller press. 

Country: Denmark
Programming and commissioning of existing bulk handling crane for new eco hopper.

Country: England
About: Providing process supervision led by a process specialist to optimize operations, including on-site training for CCR personnel in process and chemistry. This involves a 4500t/day dry process line encompassing pyro and mills

Country: Lithuania
About: Managing processes under a one-year contract, optimizing operations, and providing training for plant personnel in process and chemistry. This involves a 4500t/day dry process line.

Country: Qatar
About: Supervision of mechanical, electrical and process supervisors for a 5000 TPD green field cement plant. 

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