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About us

Plant Supervision is a private 100% Danish owned company, with a division located in the state of Bangalore, India and branch offices in Hongkong and Norway. We specialize in supporting our clients with the right supervisors, site managers or engineers during the construction and commissioning of cement-, marine-, food-, pharma- and wind projects.

Our journey started in 2011 with supplying experts for the construction of cement factories, but the demand for high quality expertise in other industries was overwhelming and the company grew with a diverse portfolio of clients, who we support with skilled supervisors.

One of our key competencies is our ability to provide supervisors, site managers and engineers for long time stay at the pre-assembly or construction site. All our highly qualified experts are used to this way of living and have years of international experience and always a relevant background.

Plant Supervision assures the success of your projects with our professional approach, skilled employees, fast response and with a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjusting to your needs.

Our vision is that our clients focus 100% on the product and we support the supervision. We always see solutions and we are openminded with a 100% flexibility to implement whatever setup suits the client.

We take care of everything HR and administration related and have a back office ready to help 24/7/365


Plant Supervision only have one product and that is supervision, nothing else.