Globetrotting Engineer: Petr’s Home Search Abroad

From Czech Republic to Worldwide Projects

Petr is not your average 30-year-old. With a clear vision of his future and well-thought-out plans to achieve his goals, he is on a unique journey that takes him around the world, gaining valuable experience both professionally and personally. As a dedicated engineer, Petr’s adventures are made possible by Plant Supervision, who supports his endeavours with exciting projects and 24/7 support.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Petr is one of our youngest engineers. Despite his relatively short career, he has already worked on diverse projects in countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Egypt, Latvia, and Denmark. Traveling to different nations plays a crucial role in Petr’s dreams, as he seeks to find a place he can call his future home.

One of my main purposes of travelling is that I don’t plan on living in the Czech Republic again, so I am choosing a country that fits me and that I can call my future home” Petr explains.

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A Career Boost

Beyond the quest for a new home, working on various projects offers Petr a wealth of professional benefits. Each assignment brings unique experiences, improved cross-cultural skills, language proficiency, and a broader understanding of different technologies and project approaches.

Aspects such as change of the pace, different teams, new technologies and overall approach to projects has definitely helped me grow a lot as an engineer

Thriving Abroad: Plant Supervision’s Dedicated Support

Plant Supervision identifies the projects that aligns with Petrs professional profile and cater to the clients demands.

Moreover, Plant Supervision handles all administrative tasks such as visa arrangements, travel logistics and accommodations so Petr can focus solely on the project and prepare for new experiences. Throughout each project, he is assigned a dedicated contact, to ensure he thrives both on and off the job.

It is the perfect setup because Plant Supervision fully supports me and handles all the tedious tasks. If I ever have a special request or if I maybe miss a flight, then they are always there for me

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Embrace Change: Petr’s call to action

Joining Plant Supervision’s workforce comes with the advantage of greater freedom in choosing projects and locations. While it may seem like a departure from a more traditional 9-to-5 job, Petr encourages others not to let doubts or concerns hinder their pursuit of unique experiences.

No matter how hard it seems, you should just go for it and improve along the way. It would be a shame to lose the opportunity just because of doubts. That is how I got to where I am.

Petr’s story exemplifies the possibilities that come with embracing change and seeking opportunities beyond one’s comfort zone. As he continues to traverse the globe, gaining expertise and building his own future, Petr proves that with the right support and mindset, anything is possible for the adventurous and determined engineer.

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