Exploring the world, one project at a time: Henriks thrilling career as a supervisor for Plant Supervision

Henriks thrilling career as a supervisor for Plant Supervision

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Since joining Plant Supervision in 2016, Henrik has embarked on a remarkable journey, supervising projects in multiple heavy industries across the globe.

His nomadic lifestyle first began in 1992 but was halted after four years due to the challenges of staying connected with loved ones during that era.

– “It was like putting a bucket over your head – you were completely cut off from everything back home.”

With the emergence of new communication methods such as Social Media, Skype, Whatsapp etc., it became easier to keep in touch with everything back home, which once again ignited Henriks passion for travelling the world.

– “What I love the most is arriving in a new country, and immersing myself in different cultures, while also building relationships with new colleagues. It’s like being a teenager again, filled with excitement.

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From a professional perspective, Henrik finds satisfaction in completing diverse projects rather than remaining in one location for extended periods.

– “I appreciate the fact that the projects are not long-term commitments. It’s about experiencing and accomplishing new tasks, whether they are in my home country or abroad.”

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Plant Supervision handles all compliance and administrative tasks when deploying Henrik on new projects, such as obtaining work visas, arranging transportation, and securing accommodations. Everything is taken care of before, during and after a project, which makes it easier for Henrik to travel the world and gain valuable experience from different sites.

– “When having Plant Supervision as your support it makes it much easier to embrace this form of work-life dynamic, because they handle all the tedious tasks.

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Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Henrik’s Call to Adventure

Over the course of his career, Henrik has worked in 25 countries, experiencing more than most individuals ever have.

He has worked everywhere from the secluded jungles in the east to the roaring cities in the west and urges others to try the same, emphasizing that age doesn’t matter.

– “It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 55. You can always try it out for a while and see if you like it and when Plant Supervision handles the administrative things, it makes it easier to just take the leap.

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