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Mechanical supervision in two countries

Industry: Logistic Systems
Project: Mechanical installation supervision
Country: Wales, Belgium


Our client was awarded their biggest contract so far, for the construction of two new advanced logistic system facilities, with simultaneous construction in Wales and Belgium.

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At the end of 2022 our client experienced an influx in projects, and with the newly awarded contracts in Wales and Belgium, they faced an unprecedented challenge of recruiting the right personnel. Moreover our client did not have the same amount of projects in their pipeline, so permanent hires would become an expense after the completion of the new facilities.

The client specifically needed an experienced supervisor for each facility, who could handle the sole responsibility of the mechanical supervision. The two constructions would also face multiple delays which challenged the initial timeframe.

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Our solution

Just two days after the initial brief, we were able to provide two new mechanical installation supervisors for our client, thanks to our discipline-specific approach and specialized workforce pool.

Our supervisors visited a similar logistics system facility and participated in project meetings, before departing for Wales an Belgium. This meant that they already had extensive knowledge about the equipment and possible adjustment, which reduced the start-up period.

Despite delays we were able to remain flexible and keep our supervisors on site for the entire construction process.

"Despite the delays, Plant Supervision remained very agile and acted as the HR for the supervisors throughout the project." - Installation Manager of client.

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The quick mobilization and precise recruitment meant that Plant Supervision provided the right supervisors with the right expertise. Despite delays, we were able to keep our supervisors on site, through the entire project. Delays are apart of the industry and our supervisors are flexible when it comes to unforseen factors. This ensured that our client was able to still fulfill the project within the arranged timeframe.

"Plant Supervision was a great partner ensuring that we got the right type of supervisors for the project and that we were able to finish the installation within the timeframe." - Installation Manager of client.

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