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Mechanical supervision for the cement industry

Our mechanical supervisors are very experienced in the fields of procurement, construction, commissioning and operation in the cement and mining industry.  

We also specialize in the construction, troubleshooting and repair of kilns and mills.  


Hot alignment and cold alignment, repair or change of kiln shells, machining of support rollers and liverings.  

Bearing scraping – both white metal and bronze liners, support roller adjustments and skewing operations, girth gear and pinion replacement.  

Shell oval survey including tyre migration. Rotary kiln shell profile/shell mapping including a report of heat damaged areas and thermal cranking positions along the kiln axis.  

General inspection to determine the kiln rotation activities, including contact patterns between tyre and support rollers and kiln balance and contact with thrust rollers to achieve kiln balance/float. 


We have wide experience in both vertical and horizontal mills and can trouble shoot and repair cracks in the mill body, change trunnions, scraping bearings, grinding liverings, align and repair gearboxes, hydraulic systems, audits etc.  

Troubleshooting of the packing plant.  

Additionally, we can provide:  

  • Equipment flow diagrams  
  • Equipment sizing and specifications  
  • Equipment installation and operating cost estimates  
  • Analysis of tenderer’s proposals  
  • Contractor’s drawings review  
  • General arrangement drawings  
  • Construction support and start-up assistance  
  • Alignment of motors, gearboxes, conveyers etc.  
  • Welding and control methods   
  • Bearings   
  • Vibration and balancing   
  • Surface treatment   
  • Lubrication treatment   
  • Hydraulic systems   
  • Measuring methods and tolerance   
  • Staff training 


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