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Commissioning and process supervision for the cement industry

Our engineers can lead and manage all the commissioning- and processes phases from tender to full scale operation on cement and mineral plants.  


The commissioning and process team is very experienced in the fields of procurement, construction, commissioning and operation for the cement and mining industry.  

We can do:   

  • Troubleshooting  
  • Construction support and start-up assistance  
  • Sequence tests  
  • Fuel types and their characteristics  
  • Raw material characteristics  
  • Optimization of heat consumption  
  • Alternative fuels  
  • Kiln refractory  
  • Heat balances  
  • Kiln system process control  
  • Strategies for kiln and mill inspection and maintenance  
  • Equipment flow diagrams  
  • Equipment sizing and specifications  
  • Equipment installation and operating cost estimates  
  • Analysis of tenderer’s proposals  
  • Contractor’s drawings review  
  • General arrangement drawings  
  • Crushing  
  • Milling  
  • Shipping  
  • Conveying  
  • Dust Collection  
  • Staff training 

Plant Audit  

A plant audit consists of an inspection by experienced specialists to evaluate the performance of all your plant’s departments, from the quarry to the packing plant.   

This evaluation includes:  

  • Process and production methods  
  • Quality and pollution control procedures  
  • Visual inspection of equipment   

Plant maintenance and spare parts handling systems may also be included in the audit.  

In addition to a full plant audit, focused audits of specific production areas may be ordered individually.  

The audit results in a written report outlining possible improvements in your plant’s equipment and layout, with special focus on increasing:  

  • Production economy  
  • Plant reliability  
  • Equipment availability  


Pyro system optimization  

Regular Pyro system evaluation and optimization studies are indispensable tools to help plant management and production staff to optimize key areas of kiln operation, such as:  

  • Heat and energy consumption  
  • Capacity  
  • Product quality   


Evaluation and reporting  

A thorough Pyro system evaluation and optimization study covers the clinker burning process from raw material to transport from the clinker cooler. Together with your plant personnel, our specialists will evaluate the kiln system through:  

  • Measurements of process parameters  
  • Analysis of available operational data  
  • Visual inspection of the installation  

Evaluation results are compiled in a written report that contains:  

  • Overall assessment of plant performance 


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