From Sea to Site: Lars’ life as a global engineer

Lars' life as a global engineer

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Discover Lars’ extraordinary path from ship electrician to experienced Site Manager, and how a life of traveling has shaped his career and life.

At 50 years old, Lars has been traveling for half of his life, journeying through almost every country and continent.

I have been all over the world and pretty much lost count after the first 100 countries.

Lars started as a ship electrician, where his traveling days began. In 2016, he started his journey as a commissioning engineer for the heavy industry and joined Plant Supervision in 2019.

Typically, our involvement in a project spans one to six months. Remarkably, Lars has remained on the same project for four years – a testament to our client’s satisfaction with his work.

I started as a commissioning engineer on the project and then got promoted to Site Manager, so I must have done something right.

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Engineering adventure: Lars’ global journey

On why he chose a professional career as a traveling engineer, Lars emphasizes diverse tasks, people, and cultures as the driving factors.

There are always new challenges to solve and new colleagues to meet. You need to be adventurous and ready for different obstacles and people from vastly different backgrounds than yourself.

Lars has always wanted to travel, and combining it with his professional career has meant that he couldn’t see himself doing anything else. It has also pushed him professionally, beyond his own expectations.

I could never have dreamt of becoming a Site Manager responsible for 70 people. I would not have reached that level with a regular 9-to-5 job. With my responsibility and the scale of the projects, it feels like being part of something bigger.

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Being an employee at Plant Supervision

At Plant Supervision, our most important job is to prepare our supervisors for a new project so that they feel completely secure before arriving on site. This also means assisting them with all possible tasks before, during, and after a project.

If you have any issues, Plant Supervision always finds a solution, and their experience means that there is nothing they haven’t tried before.

On what it means for a traveling engineer to have the right support during a project:

There is always someone at the office who is ready to help. It just means a lot because even if you are on the other side of the world, you never feel left alone.

His best experience and dreams for the future

Having experienced many countries, there are a few standouts for Lars, who also has his eyes set on new adventures for the future.

I think the best experience so far has been my time in Brazil. It is such a vibrant place, and I got to combine it with a holiday, which, of course, always helps.

On his dream destination, Lars wants to stay in Asia and be a part of the rapid industrial development.

There is so much happening here, and a country like Vietnam would be a great experience.

Lars’ advice for other engineers looking to travel

“Treat every experience, good or bad, with a positive mindset, and then you will have a great experience. And be careful, because once you get hooked, there is no turning back.”

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