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VFD motor repair in China

Industry: Marine
Project: Motor repair
Country: China


As a global workforce specialist providing management and supervision services, we were tasked with a crucial repair job for our long standing client's project on a cargo ship in China.

Our client had encountered a critical issue with a VFD motor, and they required a team of specialized personnel to mend the issue before the ship could depart.

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The VFD motor's speed regulation was malfunctioning, causing disruption in essential components such as propulsion systems and pumps, rendering the cargo ship immobile. As a result, our client and the end-client faced the risk of incurring significant downtime, leading to delays and financial losses.

Since our client lacked the necessary workforce in China and navigating the complex Chinese labor regulations was a challenge, they approached us for our expertise in delivering specialized personnel globally.

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Our solution

We were already on-site overseeing all area management and our client, having benefited from our workforce expertise for numerous years, requested our assistance for the newly occurred situation.

After the initial brief from our client, we created a detailed persona and exhaustive description of the challenges, enabling us to reach out to our trusted partners in China and identify the right personnel.

We conducted numerous interviews with different clients, which resulted in us pinpointing two Chinese specialists with the required qualifications. Our comprehensive services included handling all HR tasks, such as wages, travel, work permits, and accommodations, while adhering to 100% compliance with Chinese labor regulations.

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With our global network, we were able to deploy the new specialists on-site within three days. Throughout the project, our client received detailed reports on the progress, enabling them to keep track of the VFD motor's repair.

As a result, the motor was repaired within seven days, and the cargo ship was finally able to depart from the dock.

Our swift intervention minimized the downtime, enabling our client to meet their project deadline successfully. We are thrilled to have provided the right personnel and solving the issues in a professional and timely manner.

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