Supplying a team of Mechanics and Supervisors for oil terminal in Denmark.

Industry: Mechanical
Project: Repairment of piping, storage tanks and valves
Country: Denmark


Plant Supervision provides experienced and well-travelled technicians in fields such as welding, electrical, automation, mechanical and fitting for projects, who are experiencing workforce challenges. 

Our client, a leading provider of solutions for hydraulic/mechanical constructions, experienced a high order intake and subsequent increase in workload. One of these projects was various mechanical installations and repairments on a state-of-the-art 74.400 m³ oil terminal in Denmark.

Plant Supervision provided a team of experienced mechanics and supervisors, to assist in all areas of the repairments on the oil terminal.



Our client encountered a surge in demand for their quality services, from the maritime sector, that surpassed their own workforce capacity. The wave of new projects included the installation and repairments of piping, storage tanks, and valves on the largest oil terminal in Northern Europe.

Our client had been searching for new technicians for 8 months prior to the project, but with a limited pool of mechanics, our client struggled to identify suitable candidates. The lack of skilled personnel endangered ongoing projects, putting timelines, costs, and client trust at risk.

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Our solution

Our Project Managers all possess hands-on experience from sites around the world, which enables us to understand our client’s workforce challenges and tailor the right team to solve the issues. Therefore, we were able to identify a team of four mechanics ready to start on site, within a week after initial contact.

With the right skills and know-how, our mechanics required minimal orientation before initiating the repairments, thus saving time and resources. Shortly after deploying our team, the client requested a supervisor to assist their Project Manager with various tasks. Swift to respond, we integrated one of our seasoned supervisors into the team.

As the project unfolded, we adeptly fine-tuned the original team composition by introducing additional supervisors. This ensured that we were in constant alignment with the evolving demands of our client.

Plant Supervision were quick to modify the team. It’s not a given that you can find the right personnel with such a short notice, but they delivered the supervisors with the right expertise.” - Client Project Manager

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With the assistance from our team of mechanics and supervisors, our client successfully met their order requirements, within the specified timeframe.

The successful project completion paved the way for new projects; therefore we solidified a partnership, enabling them to consistently request the same trusted team for future projects.

We had an effective collaboration with Plant Supervision throughout the project. They showed a good understanding of our challenges and provided the right personnel.” - Client Project Manager

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