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Urgent Supervision on three fish farms in Chile

Industry: Aquaculture
Project: Mechanical supervision
Country: Chile


Our customer is a manufacturer of production equipment for the aquaculture industry, and needed urgent mechanical supervision on multiple salmonid farms in Chile.

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A sudden defect in three production devices meant that our client required urgent repair and professional supervision, before risking costly breakdowns.

At this time our customers own workforce was tied up in other projects and therefore required external supervision.

The client preferred a Danish mechanical supervisor, who spoke Spanish and had experience from other projects in Chile.

The project consisted of mechanical supervision on multiple farms and would also face different delays, that threatened to result in further costs.

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Our solution

Our workforce is located around the world. Therefore we were able to provide an experienced danish supervisor with residence in Chile, who spoke fluent Spanish. This meant fewer travel expenses and we were able to have the supervisor on site just a few days after the initial brief.

Throughout the project our back-office remained as the coordinator between supervisor and client. When the delays occurred we were able to quickly tailor the solution to fit the circumstances, and our supervisor remained completely flexible, despite extended stays on the farms.

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The defects was mended before breakdowns occurred and our client avoided futher delays on the production. The project was closely monitored by our mechanical supervisor, with continuous reporting to the client throughout the process.

Our supervisors cultural understanding and Spanish abilities, meant that he was able to seamlessly enter as a natural part of the workforce on the different farms.

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