Streamlined Global Mobility: Deploying engineer to wind project in Canada

Industry: Wind turbine
Project: Deploying engineer in Canada
Country: Canada


Navigating local immigration laws is always an intricate process. When the country in question is Canada, the process only becomes more complex. Couple it with a government strike and a tight project deadline and you get a very complicated assignment. This is why our client turned to us for assistance with deploying their danish engineer to a large wind farm project in Canada in full compliance, for a 1 year period.

Moreover, the task also involved all administrative assignments, such as logistics and accommodations for the engineer.



The Canadian immigration system is a complex matrix with heavy documentation requirements, and numerous visa possibilities that cater to various purposes of entry. It also requires in-depth knowledge about the local legislations and immigration processes, such as the Canadian Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Moreover, the process consists of various small but essential details that can be the difference between acceptance or rejection of the application. A possible rejection would mean a time-consuming revamp of the entire application process. Misrepresentation on an application could also make the candidate ineligible for VISA, therefore unavailable for the project.

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Our solution

We've successfully deployed multiple expats to Canada and the US, by utilizing our North American immigration partner. The trusted partnership and our expertise in global mobility in the heavy industry, gave us a clear understanding of our clients' needs and helped us choose the right work visa.

We saved time by skipping a lengthy introduction to our clients' business details. We quickly initiated the process with our client, choosing the appropriate visa based on the industry, project length, job role, and the employee's profession and nationality.

Additionally, we helped manage travel and accommodation arrangements.

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We successfully secured the right visa for the employee, allowing the engineer to arrive on site within three weeks of initial briefing, fully compliant with Canadian immigration laws.

Throughout the process, our client could safely entrust us with the global mobility task, enabling them to focus solely on their core business.

The successful completion has only solidified our abilities to deploy personnel to sites in North America.

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