Smooth Sailing: Mastering maritime warranty work on ships in China

Industry: Marine
Project: Warranty work on EGC installations aboard ships
Country: China


Our long-standing client, a prominent Northern European OEM for the maritime sector, selected Plant Supervision for the post-completion of a 75 million euro exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) project. The project involved the warranty work on vessels in five different shipyards in China, and the client manager needed a solution that included:

  • A full team of local technicians and a supervisor
  • Access to different shipyards
  • Procurement of spare parts
  • Full compliance in accordance with Chinese legislation
  • Aligned values in terms of employee safety


Deploying your own workforce to projects on the other side of the world is a time-consuming and costly challenge, with different regulatory intricacies. The challenges are amplified by language barriers and local customs, potentially hindering efficiency and risking costly delays.

Recognizing these complexities, our client entrusted us with the warranty work of their newest EGC installations on five large vessels in China. The assignment entailed not only the mobilization of skilled local technicians and an experienced Supervisor, but also the intricate tasks of securing access to highly regulated shipyards and managing the procurement of all necessary spare parts.

The critical nature of the project demanded strict adherence to the vessels' tight schedules, requiring flexibility from our team to perform repairs even while the ships were docked at various locations.

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Our solution

Leveraging our Chinese workforce, Plant Supervision initiated a comprehensive talent mapping process. We identified a team of technicians, each specialized in electrical, mechanical and installation tasks, under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

Our supervisor's expertise was pivotal in navigating the complexities of spare part procurement and gaining access to various shipyards.

Demonstrating their adaptability, our team conducted repairs and extended their stay onboard to ensure task completion, despite the ships departing from the shipyard. After completion, our team would disembark at subsequent ports and return home.

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The project reached a successful and timely completion of all warranty tasks, thanks to our teams experience, flexibility and overall commitment to the task.

By utilizing our local workforce, we provided a cost-effective solution for our client, eliminating the need for expensive relocation of their European team.

Our project approach not only minimized the cost for our client but also maintained the trust of their end-client.

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