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Resurfacing of kiln tyres and rollers in Ukraine

Industry: Cement
Project: Kiln resurfacing
Country: Ukraine


A kiln resurfacing job in a challenging part of the world. In September 2022 our client in Ukraine required kiln tyres and rollers to be resurfaced on one of their rotary kilns. The repairs were imperative for the continuation of production.

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Our primary focus was ensuring the complete safety of our supervisor, given the project's geographic location. If safety requirements were not met, we would not send our employee to the site and the job would not be completed. Secondly, we wanted to ensure that the job got carried out to the full satisfactory for our customer.

The process leading up to the project was very professional. There were clear safety instructions for me to follow for the entire stay” – René, Project Supervisor.

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Our solution

We conducted thorough inspections of all safety procedures, in accordance with our client. Additional amendments were made to the procedures to ensure that the highest safety precautions were adhered to. Our supervisor was briefed and trained in specific safety measures, in case of any uncertainties.

Once on site, we maintained constant communication with our supervisor to ensure that safety protocols were met, and that he felt safe throughout the duration of the project.

"We were completely satisfied with the arrangement and management of the Plant Supervision team. All of the requests were fulfilled. All the necessary documentation, communication and correspondence were on a high standard level. Travel arrangements and safety measures were set up properly." – Client Maintenance Manager

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All safety requirements were met throughout the project. This resulted in a secure and professional process for both our supervisor and client. Our supervisor was safe for the duration and was able to focus solely on the task. This meant that our client received a kiln with a higher uptime, fewer production stops and a more stable overall production.

“Overall I was very safe with the steps that both Plant Supervision and the client did to keep me safe. So much that it might have been the best project I’ve ever been on” - René, Project Supervisor.

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