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Part-time mechanical engineer for industrial automation company in Denmark

Industry: Automation
Project: Modification of packaging machine
Country: Denmark


Looking for the perfect fit for your project but don't require a full-time hire? At Plant Supervision, we offer our clients the flexibility to request engineers for both full-time and part-time projects, providing precisely the expertise you need, when you need it.

Our client, a leading danish provider of automation solutions, required assistance to fill a 20 hour a week part-time position for a three month period. The task involved the modification of a packaging machine, commissioned by their end-client. In addition, several ad-hoc tasks demanded timely attention throughout the assignment.

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Our client experienced a sudden influx in projects but did not retain the same amount of projects in their future pipeline. Consequently, hiring permanent staff for a part-time assignment posed financial strain after the completion of the current tasks.

Therefore the company faced unprecedented challenges of recruiting new personnel for a part-time hire, in order to complete the modification of the packaging machine and avoid costly delays. This predicament necessitated a more flexible and cost-effective approach.

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Our solution

Within three days of receiving the initial brief, Plant Supervision identified and provided an experienced mechanical engineer with the required expertise in Solidworks and Inventor, perfectly aligning with our client's needs.

To cater to our clients specific needs, our engineer was assigned on a three-month contract, dedicating 20 hours a week to the project. This tailored solution ensured the optimal utilization of resources while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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During the assignment our engineer re-designed the manual packaging machine, transforming it to a semi-automatic control system. The solution streamlined the process and also freed up several hours of valuable manpower for the end-client.

At Plant Supervision, we understand that every project is unique, and our flexibility allows us to offer tailored workforce solutions that make a tangible impact on your bottom line.

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