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Inhouse commissioning on electrolysis modules in Denmark

Industry: Power-to-X
Project: Commissioning on Electrolysis modules
Country: Denmark


Plant Supervision has been at the forefront of providing workforce solutions for the energy industry, continuously adapting to the evolving sector. With a global workforce of professional supervisors, engineers, and site managers, we have successfully supported clean energy projects worldwide.

Our client, a leading provider of standardized modular electrolysis equipment, sought to significantly expand their electrolysis capacity. They required expert assistance for the installation and commissioning of their state-of-the-art modular electrolysers in Denmark, before delivering them to their end-client.

The project included aspects such as installation and set-up of frequency converter, FAT, red markups in their electrical documentation and preparing test procedures for future use.

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The cutting-edge technology developed by our client led to an unprecedented surge in demand, overwhelming their existing workforce capacity.

The electrolysis industry is only now beginning to reveal its potential, but it has several unique requirements to installation and QHSE. This meant a scarcity of candidates with the necessary electrical, mechanical, and QHSE competencies that further compounded their challenges. This shortage posed a serious risk of missing deadlines, eroding customer trust, and escalating costs.

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Our solution

At Plant Supervision, we take pride in our workforce's versatility and adaptability. We identified a team of engineers who possessed the right expertise, coordination skills, and cross-functional communication abilities essential for the cooperation between the electrical, mechanical and software departments attached to the project.

Our engineers did not initially possess the precise experience in electrolysis modules, but demonstrated their exceptional adaptability and ability to assimilate new systems and equipment.

With a comprehensive orientation to the electrolyser modules, our commissioning engineers were swiftly deployed and ready to initiate the project within two weeks from the initial briefing.

While the project was initially scheduled to last three months, our highly skilled engineers remained on-site for an extended period of five months, diligently supporting our client in fulfilling their orders.

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Thanks to our dedicated engineers, our client successfully met their order requirements within the specified timeframe.

The collaboration between Plant Supervision and our client has proven fruitful, and we have since continued to support them with the same team of engineers, ensuring a seamless workflow and consistent process.

The expertise and commitment demonstrated by our engineers have not only facilitated timely project completion but also fostered a long-lasting partnership built on trust and reliability.

Plant Supervision remains committed to providing exceptional workforce solutions, leveraging our workforce and agile approach to meet the unique challenges of the energy industry.

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