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Cold commissioning on Power Plant in France

Industry: Power Plant
Project: Cold Commissioning
Country: France


Our longstanding client delivered a brand new boiler island for a big biomass power plant in France.

The project required extensive inspections and verifications prior to energization, which is why our client turned to Plant Supervision - their trusted workforce partner - to provide a commissioning engineer with the required attributes.

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Time was of the essence for our client as they needed to initiate the cold commissioning phase as soon as possible. This meant we had to identify the right engineer and have him on site within just two weeks, all while handling administrative arrangements such as briefing, work visa, travel and accommodations.

With the critical and complex nature of a boiler island, our commissioning engineer needed to possess specific attributes related to automation and instrumentation.

Moreover, the commissioning phase hit multiple delays which prolonged our engineers initial assignment.

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Our solution

As a trusted partner of our client, we have a deep understanding of their business and operations. This allowed us to quickly identify the right commissioning engineer for the job. Within a few days after initial briefing, we identified and deployed the suitable engineer on site.

Our team also completed all HR administrative tasks before deployment, ensuring that the commissioning engineer was able to get to work right away.

Throughout the project, we remained an active partner and primary contact for our engineer. As delays arose, we quickly adapted to the new scope. This is a core element of our approach - to remain flexible and adjust to our clients' needs before, during, and after a project.

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In the end, our experienced and capable team, from back-office to engineer, successfully handed over the project for the hot commissioning phase, meeting the expectations and assisting in ensuring an efficient and sustainable generation of electricity.

We have worked with Plant Supervision numerous times and we know what they stand for. Everything runs smoothly and they always show great flexibility in their solutions. As a client this gives you a peace of mind” - Client Commissioning Manager.

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