Automation Commissioning of a RTD coffee production line

Industry: Automation commissioning
Project: Ready-to-drink coffee production line
Country: Brazil


A unique project in exotic surroundings. Our long-standing client is a leading system supplier for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and undertook a project as the system supplier of a large ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee production line in Brazil.

To assist in the completion of the production line, we were tasked with providing an experienced automation engineer for the commissioning phase and handling tasks related to HR and compliance.



In today's ever-evolving corporate landscape, finding highly skilled professionals willing to embrace extensive international assignments, is a sizeable challenge. Moreover, an inexperienced employee might encounter cultural and language barriers that hinders effective communication with the different stakeholders on site.

Additionally, the complexities of visa and tax regulations, along with diverse housing and logistical considerations, requires meticulous attention to detail and expertise.

Given these challenges, our longstanding client turned to us for our assistance in the completion of the automation commissioning phase of the RTD coffee production line. With a lack of suitable candidates within their own workforce and the administrative intricacies of Brazilian legislation, they recognized the need for our global capabilities to ensure project success.

We experienced the departure of an engineer who was integral to the commissioning phase, and in our industry it’s hard to find engineers with the right qualifications, who are willing to travel.” - Client, Head of Site Execution

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Our solution

An RTD coffee production line requires specialized expertise. Leveraging our workforce' versatile skill set and adaptability, we deployed an automation engineer with extensive experience in the food industry, offering valuable and relevant competencies for the project in Brazil.

After facilitating an introduction between our engineer and the client, we organized a comprehensive two-day orientation at our client's headquarters, equipping our engineer with in-depth knowledge of the RTD line, before departing for Brazil.

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Our engineer committed to the project and remained on-site throughout the three-month commissioning phase and executed critical tasks such as I/O checks and multiple software adjustments. Our engineers resourcefulness also extended to different hands-on tasks, including VFD setup and diagnosing remote I/O or communication card issues.

The commissioning phase was completed within the designated timeline, which enabled our client to deliver the RTD coffee production to the end-client within the initial deadline.

Our engineers involvement in the project garnered an immediate follow-up request from our client, for another production line project. The vote of confidence from our client reaffirms our engineers’ capabilities and the in-depth knowledge from our back-office in regards to global compliance and local legislation.

The cooperation with Plant Supervision always runs smoothly. Their Project Managers and Back-Office makes it easy for us to focus solely on the project and not all the administrative tasks.” - Client Head of Site Execution

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